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Chat & E-mail

Pitane XP Messenger PE, Reallusion CrazyTalk 4.6 Media Studio Edition, Belkasoft IM History Extractor, Outlook Messenger, 123 Flash Chat server software, Moderated-Chat Module of 123 Flash Chat, more...
VoIP & Web Phones

eyeBeam, VOIP Phone Buddy for SKYPE, Active Caller ID, more...
SMS Tools

Sim card files recovery software, more...
Anti-Spam Tools

Spam OFF A, ChoiceMail One, SpamAid, Spam Reader, SpamEater Pro, SpamKiller, SpamArrow, Spam Assault! Pro, WebMail Assistant, more...
E-mail Notification

1st Mail Sender, Talking E-mail, more...
E-Mail Processors

MSGViewer Lite - Outlook .msg file viewer, Desktop Emailer Personal, Desktop Emailer, LiteMail, febooti Command line email, Power E-Mailer, PackPal Bulk Email Server, emlBridge, Upgrade to G-Lock EasyMail 5 Business Edition, GroupMail Business Edition, more...
Outlook Add-ons

Apex PMP Video Converter, ePreserver, MsgViewer Pro, JunkWarden for Outlook Express, outlookFiller, OLfolders, Duplicates Remover for Outlook, Actual Contacts for Outlook, Add Contacts, Remove Duplicates from OE, more...
Misc. E-mail Tools

GSA Email Spider, Address Magic Personal, Network E-mail Examiner, Address Magic Personal PLUS, Email Spider, WikMail, ThunderStor, ContactGenie Importer, Advanced E-mail Verifier Business Edition, QSynchronization, more...
Editor's Picks from Chat & E-mail
  Address Magic Personal Downloads: 2021  
by Connected Software, Inc.
Quickly convert your email and address books between popular email applications.
File Size: 1.7MB Updated On: 2008-8-7 12:49 AM

  ePreserver Downloads: 32767  
by Connected Software, Inc.
Help to copy your AOL e-mail, address book and favorite places to Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express.
File Size: 1.5MB Updated On: 2008-12-29 3:43 AM

  eyeBeam Downloads: 9501  
by CounterPath Solutions, Inc.
Phone client to manage users' call, vioce, video, IM and presence applications over IP.
File Size: Unknown Updated On: 2008-12-5 10:01 PM

  Power E-Mailer Downloads: 3431  
by Arkalys Software
An e-marketing software for the automatic management of newsletters and E-Mailing.
File Size: 13457K Updated On: 2008-2-8 2:00 AM

  MsgViewer Pro Downloads: 4554  
by Encryptomatic llc
Encryptomatic .msg and .eml file viewer/reader to help you manage your Outlook email files.
File Size: Unknown Updated On: 2008-8-7 12:40 AM

  Desktop Emailer Personal Downloads: 2453  
Send and manage personalized mass emails and groups in text or HTML with multi-threading support.
File Size: 4.16MB Updated On: 2008-1-13 7:35 AM

by Encryptomatic llc
The Encryptomatic MSG File Viewer can access Outlook MAPI message files and read .msg files
File Size: Unknown Updated On: 2008-12-5 10:16 PM

  Sim card files recovery software Downloads: 3538  
Securely recovers all deleted SMS from your cell phone easily.
File Size: 450 KB Updated On: 2009-4-20 4:52 AM

  outlookFiller Downloads: 2839  
by BitDaddys Corp.
Import .eml, .msg, and rfc822 standard text email files directly into Outlook.
File Size: 972KB Updated On: 2008-8-7 12:44 AM

  emlBridge Downloads: 2813  
by BitDaddys Corp.
Import eml Files into nearly any Email Client, and receive .eml from your backups and exports.
File Size: 479KB Updated On: 2009-12-16 6:45 AM

  ThunderStor Downloads: 2364  
by BitDaddys Corp.
Extract ThunderBird Mail from the mail box files to individual standard email message files.
File Size: 475KB Updated On: 2008-8-7 12:20 AM

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