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AV Music Morpher Introduction:


AV Music Morpher Features:

  • Chop large audio files
    AV Music Morpher allows you to cut big audio files into pieces with high accuracy. In the Wave Editor module, the file is displayed in wave chart and time scale while playing. Locate the pointer in the wave chart, and copy, cut, and paste to split it into desired parts.
  • Join audio clips
    Now that you can cut audio files in the wave chart, you can use the same module to join files together. With Wave Editor, you can also insert or take out parts of songs for more editing options.
  • Mix multi tracks
    In audio production, if you want to mix a music file and a voice file to make a song, Music Morpher helps you to do so. In the Wave Editor module, copy the source track, then go to the destination track, locate the pointer, and press ¡°paste mix¡± to mix the files. You can perform this function on just part of a file, also.
  • Convert audio formats with MP3 converter
    Music Morpher includes an MP3 converter to convert audio formats from MP3 to WAV, WMA to MP3, or between any of the supported formats, including OGG, APE, AIF, IRC, NIST, AU, and MP2. To convert a file, simply load the file to the Morpher module, press Morph, and choose the new format.
  • Change voice and tempo of music, add beats, effects...
    You can make songs unrecognizable by changing the singer¡¯s voice to male, female, kid, girly, manly, warm, or other effects. A singer¡¯s voice can be altered in pitch, timbre, and/or frequency, and audio effects can be added, to produce a wide range of different voices. You can also make a song faster or slower by changing its tempo value, thus changing its style and genre.
    Music Morpher allows you to add beats and effects to your songs. Choose from 25 available beats, including cameo, drums, bongos, dog, and others. The effect library includes 32 single effects for you to apply (up to 4 effects at a time) and 32 special effects for you to edit and mix your own new sounds.
  • Create different voices for movies, web sites...
    When it comes to making different voices for your movie characters, AV Music Morpher is the right tool for the job. Modify voice pitch to change age and sex, and modify timbre and frequency to change character. All of your characters will have their own voices. When you open the Morpher or Advanced Morpher module, Voice Morpher is the default active tool, and the Pitch-Timbre panel is visible.
  • Record voice/sound/music with MP3 recorder
    Recording is a crucial step in making your own music CD. Music Morpher includes an MP3 recorder to record your voice from a microphone or from other sources, including line-in or stereo mix. When recording, you can listen to the recorded audio without saving it, then redo it until you are satisfied with its quality.
  • Make karaoke background music
    You can make a karaoke track from a recorded song by removing the vocals from the track. To obtain this result, use the Karaoke effect in the Morpher module. While playing a song, click the effect to apply, and you¡¯ll hear the result. When you are satisfied, click the Morph button to save the file as a new song.
  • Burn audio file to CD with CD burner
    AV CD Burner allows you to copy music files to CD in CDA format, to play in any CD player. Then you can use CD Cover Editor to design a CD cover and label for your new album.
  • Rip audio tracks to hard disk with CD ripper
    With its built-in CD ripper, Music Morpher can not only burn CDs, it can also rip audio tracks from CDs to your hard drive. In AV Grabber (the CD ripper), you can select the tracks to copy and choose any supported format for the destination file.
  • Enhance music quality
    Your recorded music can be enhanced by setting equalizer values and applying audio enhancing effects, then saving to a new file. AV Music Morpher supports a 10-bar equalizer and many mixable and editable effects. For improved music quality, you can modify or combine effects, including Noise Reduction, AutoLoudness, Normalize, 2 Order Equalizer, 4 Order Equalizer, Volume, and Surround.
  • Design CD cover and label with easy CD creator
    Music Morpher includes an easy CD creator. With the user-friendly CD Cover Editor, you can design CD covers, labels, and inlays. You can load your own images for the background and list song names in various fonts and colors.
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