mp3 Frame Editor

mp3 Frame Editor Introduction:

Finally, a real mp3 editor. Not just a tag editor or silence trimmer. This editor really lets you edit mp3 files without decoding and encoding them (loss of quality). If you collect mp3's from the unreliable sources such as the web you must have a utility like this to fix them.

Do your mp3's have too high or low volume, improper balance, or large parts of silence or noise at ends? Yes, you could edit them using one of many wav editing tools, but in the process of decoding and encoding back to mp3 you lose sound quality. Well, perhaps your troubles are over now, since MP3 FRAME EDITOR edits mp3 files WITHOUT decompression and compression. Of course, this editor doesn't have fancy function like other sounds editing programs, but it enables you to do basic operations, sufficient for great majority of users.

What can this program do? It lets you copy, paste, cut & delete blocks inside mp3 file. It also lets you adjust VOLUME & BALANCE of the whole file or selected parts. It has fade in, fade out, and insert silence functions. You can also use this editor to view and remove (not edit) id3v1 and id3v2 mp3 tags.

Program limitations:

It can edit only 32, 44.1 or 48 KHz, mono or stereo mp3's with up to 262144 frames (close to 2 hours at 44.1 KHz). That shouldn't concern you too much since I have more than several thousand songs in mp3 form and they all meet these criteria. You can't run multiple instances of this program nor open multiple files. You can't copy from one file and paste to another. Clipboard is local and other programs can't access it. You can't use the mouse for precise cursor positioning in case you load larger than 32768 frames files (around 14 minutes at 44.1 KHz). However, you can use the keyboard in this case.

mp3 Frame Editor System Requirements
  • Windows 98 or later.
  • A pentium 2 (or better) with at least 64 Mb of memory and 800x600 (or better) display in high or true color are highly recommended.
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