MP3 Manager v2.5 & ID3Edit.dll

MP3 Manager v2.5 & ID3Edit.dll Introduction:

The Ultimate MP3 Utility from Audiopimp! You now have the power to take control over your MP3 collection. With MP3 Manager and MP3 Data Engine you now can: Search entire drives or folders for MP3's in seconds, mass edit of ID3v1 & ID3v2.3 tags, built in file renaming utility, create web pages, create samples of MP3's, create outgoing Email messages with MP3's attached, create playlists and export song lists in text delimited format to import into Excel or Access, store references to thousands of MP3's and access them in seconds, rank songs, view statistical information about your MP3 collection, store album cover images and much more! This utility is designed to look and work similar to Explorer, but specifically designed for MP3's. MP3 Manager is NOT a MP3 player. You need a separate player installed on your computer. The latest version of Winamp is highly suggested. Visit for more information. MP3 Manager v.2.5 also requires you have a web browser installed on your computer. This is used for printing. Luckily we aren't requiring you use any particular type, just one that is fairly recent

MP3 Manager Main features:

  • MP3 Manager and MP3 Data Engine Included
  • Store references to thousands of music files and access them in seconds
  • Store album cover images
  • View statistical information about your MP3's
  • Filter songs based on Album, Artist or Genre
  • Rank songs on a numeric scale
  • Edit ID3 v1 and v2 tags for as many songs as you like at one time
  • Detect incomplete or partially downloaded MP3's using file size criteria you determine
  • Create samples of MP3's of any size
  • Create playlists & choose song order
  • Built in file renaming utility (Remove all underscores, Change Case, etc.)
  • The ability to use existing ID3 Tags to create new file names
  • Built in Web-Page creation utility
  • E-mail MP3's directly from the Interface
  • Sort by MP3 name, file size, last modified, path, title, artist, album, year, comment and genre
  • The ability to view the MP3 Info, such as Bit-Rate, Length, Audio, etc.
  • Works seamlessly with your existing MP3 Player (Winamp is highly suggested)
  • The ability to search every drive attached to your computer at once
  • The ability to browse networks and search other networked computers
  • The ability to save the results of lengthy searches off-line to review at a later time
  • The ability to scan a list of songs for duplicates
  • Drag and Drop functionality, just like in Explorer
  • Create printouts of song lists
  • Export song lists in text delimated format to import into Excel or Access
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