GoalEnforcer Introduction:

The user friendly purely visual goal setting, planning and managing tool.

GoalEnforcer can help you:

  • Set your goals
  • Organize your goal plan
  • Break down big goals into smaller sub-goals
  • Track your progress
  • Achieve !

GoalEnforcer Main Screen

Here you set your goals by the clicking of a mouse. The interface is purely graphical: you work with pictures. The main project (or main goal) is represented by the central dark blue sphere. You can name it, or rename it by right-clicking the mouse or clicking on the "Edit" icon while this sphere is selected. Goals and sub-goals are represented by the grey spheres and can be entered by clicking the "Plus" icon on the toolbar. Goals can have links to sub-goals. You can add sub-goals to a goal by clicking on the "Plus and Arrow" icon.

GoalEnforcer Nice Reports

Rich graphics status reports show the state of your acomplishment. Color coded symbols, highlighting and progress bars can give you a quick snapshot of the situation. Reports can be generated in HTML, XML, comma separated values (form spreadsheet use) and plain text formats. Reports can also be transferred to a website, or emailed directly from the application.

Track your Progress

Monitor your milestone achievements and re-tune your project for maximum performance. Charts can also be included with your email reports.

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