The Performance Organiser

The Performance Organiser Introduction:

The core product of our catalogue, the Performance Organiser has taken some ten years to develop to its current state. The original design motive was to build something that could provide the means to let anyone, not necessarily professional management consultants, construct a business based information architecture around ideas the ideas and principles associated with Performance Management in general and the balanced scorecard in particular. What started out as a very limited task developed into an ongoing project that simply never stops.

The Performance Organiser Features:

  • The Performance Organiser, is designed around accepted best practice principles as espoused by the likes of Walter Shewart, W Edwards Demming, Homer Sarsohn et al. The people mentioned in the previous sentence are all recognized as the founding fathers of some of the most influential management techniques in use today across the world, ideas initiated by these men are now applied in techniques like SIGMA 6, Baldrige, the EFQM, ISO 9000 and others.
  • Tested Academically. We have not just taken the ideas we have touched on above and done things off our own bat. We have tested the principles of the software design by submitting the product to academic and industry review. We have had papers and articles published in a number of journals by a number of Universities. Most notably, the George Washington University in the US published our core ideas in a book on Project Management History. Next year (2006), we have been invited to present at the UK Institution of Analysts and Programmers Annual Symposium in Trinity House in London.
  • Reviewed by the Software Retail Industry. We have further submitted the the Performance Organiser to independent software industry review. The Performance Organiser regularly comes out at 5* or excellent ratings on various shareware industry review sites.
  • A Modular Product Set The Performance Organiser is a modular toolkit consisting of the product itself, and a series of add ons giving managers the means to purchase the modeling elements they want as their organization grows. The toolkits capabilities have been significantly enhanced with the development of a web site chassis with which models can be published to the internet or organization intranets with a minimum of technical knowledge. The Performance Organiser uses drawing pads in conjunction with standard data capture methods to give users a comprehensive toolkit supporting linked organization and process mapping; cause and effect diagramming and more.
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