advDigester Introduction:

advDigester is a plug-in for Microsoft Word which helps you to extract information from documents.

advDigester digests a document using format specifications (headings, font colors, styles) and using special patterns (URLs, email addresses, specific words, regular expressions) or using built-in modules (table extractor, image extractor, track changes reporter etc.) into a new document with various format options (plain text, bookmark to original document, page and line numbers etc.) and different grouping options (headings, colors, styles or any combination of this three options). advDigester can be installed and used by every Microsoft Word user with easy installation package, auto update feature and step by step wizard. While doing research, reading contracts, testimonies or long documents, advDigester creates a summary documents according to your needs. advDigester adds a new toolbar to Word and you can remove it easily by hiding the toolbar or uninstalling the software.

advDigester can be used by:

  • Attorneys working on legal documents, testimonies and contracts
  • Students and professors doing literature survey, writing papers
  • Businessmen reviewing contracts, specifications and long documents
  • Team leaders assigning work to team members
  • Anyone reading documents on computer and extracting information

ADV Digester 1.0 Features:

  • Can be used with Microsoft Word 2000, XP and 2003
  • Style Matching options
    - Ability to match by all font formatting options (e.g.boldness, italic etc.)
    - Ability to match by all paragraph formatting options (e.g. double line spaces, indented paragraphs etc.)
    - Ability to match by style definitions (e.g. predefined heading, bulleting styles etc. or user-defined new style definitions)
  • Grouping options
    - Grouping by colors, styles or heading
    - Captioning colors and styles for the output
    - Using grouping options in any combination
  • Search Options
    - Keyword search
    - Using wildcards
    - Search with special characters
  • Output Options
    - Preserve original format
    - Extract matching sentence or paragraph
    - Table style output
    - Display page numbers
    - Display line numbers
    - Auto numbering extracted items
    - Plain text output
    - Delete extracted items from original document
    - Define separators for the extracted items
    - Linking options to the original document
    - Support for inline objects including pictures, tables, comments, symbols, diagrams and any other non-floating objects
  • Saving Preferences
    - Ability to save packages and re-use later
    - Import search and regular expression packages from previously prepared packs (either from Advancity or third party authors).
  • Installation
    - Easy installation package
    - Auto Update functionality with auto-warning option.
  • Pre-defined Functions
    - Bookmark extractor
    - Sentence extractor (Extract all sentences which includes specific keyword)
    - Paragraph extractor (Extract all paragraphs which includes specific keyword)
    - Footnote extractor
    - Table extractor
    - Field extractor
    - Revision report (Create a revision history output with date/user and change information)
    - Support for regular expressions
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