IconBook Introduction:

IconBook Features
The purpose of IconBook is to let you perform any icon related task. This includes searching for icons, creating icons, converting icons to BMP, GIF or JPG, managing your icon collection and changing of Windows system icons. With IconBook collection of more than 25.000 icons described by keywords comes available to you, for free.

20.000 32x32 and 5000 16x16 Icons by keyword
Through a address-bar like keyword list you can search through the IconBook icon collection for matching icons. Within seconds you'll find the icon you were searching for. An unlimited amount of keywords can describe one icon. The icon collection contains 16, 256 and hi-color icons, animated icons and cursors in the icons sizes 32x32 and 16x16.
Next to the keyword search IconBook offers you a tree with preset searches like alphabetic, color depth, group on design, icon types and your referenced icons.

Scan for icons
Scan for icons on your system or on a remote computer over a network. Scan in all known icon libraries like ICO, ANI, CUR, EXE, DLL and ICL files. Limit the scan by defining a filter to only scan in one or more of these libraries. IconBook even scan through ZIP files for icon libraries if you want to. You can scan through a folder and all of it's subfolders of by opening one or more files or just drop files and folders from the Windows Explorer onto the IconBook result window. IconBook will show all icon formats in an icon. They can be seperately saved or as a complete icon again.

Create icon and cursors
The IconCreator is a very simple but powerful tool to create Icons or Cursors in the standard icon sizes 16x16, 32x32, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 and 72x72. Create new icons or cursors from scratch in your favorite picture editor, open existing picture files (JPG, GIF, BMP) or paste pictures from the clipboard. When saving as a cursor IconBook will let you define a hotspot.

Change Windows icons
With IconBook you can almost change every Windows icon. Icons which can be changed are;
System icons; Desktop, Start Menu, Drives, Folders and Files.
Program Shortcut icons; shortcut icons from your Desktop or any icon from the Start Menu shortcuts.
Cursors; all cursors in the current used cursor set.
File Type icons; the icon shown when a specific file type is associated with an application.
Any Folder icon; the icon of any Folder.

Add icons by reference or favorites
Icons present on your system can be added to IconBook. Actually, not the icon is added, but a reference to the icon. An icon can be added with an unlimited amount of keywords. You can even add custom keywords to describe your icons. The keyword is added to the IconBook keyword list and IconBook will show the referenced icon when searching for icons on the added keyword.
A second method is to add icons to the IconBook Favorites section. A copy is made of the icons and placed in the (customizable) Favorites folder. You can also create subfolders in the favorites section to group the icons.

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