KidiSafe Introduction:

Kidisafe is web monitoring software used to monitor internet access, Chat Sessions, Messenger Sessions ICQ, AOL, MSN, and Yahoo! Messenger, Monitor what software is run and who directly connects to your computer.

KidiSafe runs under Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/2003 systems. It can run in background mode so that the user will not notice that his or her activity is being logged. However when configuring KidiSafe you can select to inform the user that the system is under surveillance. With that, the warning window will be displayed when the user logs into Windows.

Control Panel

Each time you run KidiSafe the Control Panel appears. It provides you with an interface to setup KidiSafe as well as to view and manage logged data.

On the left side of the window you can find the setup pane, which allows you to access the options of KidiSafe.

By using the right pane you can view and manage the logged data, including connections history, messengers log, passwords, screenshots, etc.

Configuring KidiSafe

KidiSafe configuration is specified in the Settings dialog box, which can be accessed from the setup pane of the KidiSafe Control Panel. Press the appropriate buttons on the setup pane of the Control Panel to access various groups of KidiSafe options.

Viewing logs

Logs are viewed from the KidiSafe Control Panel. Use the right pane to access the specific logs, e.g. Connections log, Programs log, Messengers log, etc.

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