FTP Explorer

FTP Explorer Introduction:

FTP Explorer is a File Transfer Protocol client.

FTP Explorer looks and acts very much like the Windows Explorer, offering a fun and easy way to transfer files.

Available since 1996, FTP Explorer is the original easy-to-use "explorer style" FTP Client.

Why do I need an FTP Client?

You can use an FTP client to transfer files to and from your computer to an FTP server.

Most web servers offer FTP capability, so you can use FTP to easily transfer your web site files from your computer up to the web site. It is generally easier, faster, and more efficient to transfer your files via FTP than other methods.

There are many public FTP servers available from which you can download files from. FTP Explorer provides a default list of servers that you can connect to immediately after you install it.

Will it run on my computer?

If you are running Windows on your computer, it is likely that FTP Explorer will run just fine. You should certainly try it out to make sure it meets your needs.

Because it is a 32-bit program, FTP Explorer will not work with versions of Windows prior to Windows 95.

Unfortunately FTP Explorer is not currently available for Macintosh or UNIX computers.

Why should I choose FTP Explorer?

  • First developed in 1996, it is the original "explorer-like" FTP client.
  • FTP Explorer lets you continue to explore the FTP site while transfers are active
  • FTP Explorer will automatically reconnect if your connection is lost
  • FTP site's structure can be "remembered" between connections
  • FTP Explorer can resume interrupted downloads where it left off
  • File descriptions are conveniently loaded into the list view
  • FTP Explorer lets you create shortcuts to FTP sites
  • Drag and drop support
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