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Privacy Cleaner Pro Introduction:

Are you using your computer without aware that it will store all your tracks when you surf online, or use software? Your track history can be easily accessed by others who use your computer, this will get even worse when you are using a public computer or in a net bar. But with Privacy Cleaner Pro, you will no more worry about that.

Privacy Cleaner Pro was customized for you to erase the IE cache, cookies, history, typed URLs, autocomplete history, and Window's temporary folder, run history, search history, open/save history, recent documents, etc. More than that, it can also allow you to erase tracks of applications, such as playlist of Realplayer, Mediaplayer, QuickTime, recent files of Office, Acrobat, Winzip, and other tens of most used applications. Privacy Cleaner Pro features not only in erasing tracks for you, but also in deleting files in folders or directories you assigned it to do, all the files deleted by Privacy Cleaner Pro can not be recovered by others. At last, all these can be done in just simply one click!

You can clear your history or empty your cache file in your browser's settings, but it will not protect you.

How to Protect your Privacy, keep your Surfing private?

Privacy Cleaner Pro is a great privacy tool to protect you.

With only one click ,you can erase all the tracks safely and completely.

OS Supported: Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, XP.

What can Privacy Cleaner Pro do for me?

  • Erase Internet Explorer Cache Files
  • Erase Internet Explorer Cookies
  • Erase Internet Explorer URL History
  • Erase Google toolbar search History
  • Erase Internet Explorer AutoComplete Memory
  • Erase Windows Recent Documents History
  • Erase Windows Start Menu Run History
  • Erase Windows Start Menu Find History
  • Erase Windows Recycle Bin
  • Erase Windows Temporary Files Directory
  • Erase Windows MediaPlayer Recent Files List
  • Secure Erase Files
  • Search some unused files and erase them.
  • Custom Items allows you to add, edit the Custom Item , you can erase file(s), folder that you want to erase.
  • Free space on your Hard Drive!
  • Speed up your computer!
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