PolyImage Library

PolyImage Library Introduction:

The PolyImagePro and PolyImage2 Image Processing Libraries are ActiveX components that provide image viewing and manipulation operations through the ImageBox and Utilities controls.

While PolyImagePro and PolyImage2 have very similar features sets, PolyImagePro offers a higher degree of functionality that makes it more suitable for professional level image processing.

PolyImage Library Features:

  • Color management based upon International Color Consortium (ICC) profiles. The ImageBox2 control offers the capability of loading and saving ICC profiles in JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNG, PSD, and TIFF image formats. An "auto-profile" mode is available for processing profiles during image display, as well as manual and proofing application of ICC profiles.
  • EXIF editing capabilities along with the capability to load and save standard and custom EXIF information in JPEG, JPEG 2000, PSD, and TIFF image formats. Includes a new MergeMetadata method that can insert EXIF and IPTC information into existing files without a decompress/compress cycle.
  • IPTC editing capabilities duplicate those of the PolyImage2 library and add the capability of reading/writing custom information strings.
  • Comprehensive support for image processing on 16 bits per color component images. Only a few processing routines in PolyImagePro are restricted to 8 bits per component images. Includes the new LoadImage16 method to load a 16 bits per component image contained in an in-memory array.
  • Provides for individual access to Red, Green, Blue, and Alpha channel data with the GetImageChannels and LoadImageChannels methods. Access to both 8 and 16 bit per component channel data is provided.
  • Advanced resampling filters available for image manipulation and display, including Sinc, Lanczos, Mitchell, Cubic, and Bilinear.
  • Significant load and save time reductions for JPEG 2000 images, including very fast reduced resolution loading for thumbnails. PolyImagePro's JPEG 2000 processing is among the most sophisticated available.
  • Both ActiveX and standard DLL interfaces available from the same DLL. PolyImagePro's entire range of image processing and display capabilities is available without the complexities of ActiveX/COM.
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