IBasic Introduction:

Due to popular request for a bundle of our products we are now offering the IBasic Gold CD version. Included on the CD is:

  • IBasic Professional.
  • Database Command pak for Pro.
  • IBasic Standard.
  • IBasic Standard extra programs and components.
  • Fletchie's PakGen program for making command paks.
  • VisIBasic from WickedRush Software (Full version!).
  • Inno Setup and ISTool for creating custom installs of your programs.

This is the ultimate development suite for writing programs with the IBasic language. Our flagship compiler IBasic Professional and our entry level IBasic Standard both in one great package. IBasic Professional features an all-in-one solution for creating fast programs for the Windows operating system and includes such advanced capabilities as inline assembly, COM interface support, DLL creation with no restrictions, and COFF file format for object files. IBasic Standard is our original and very popular language great for fast prototyping and full featured application creation.

The CD is also chock full of hundreds of example programs and documentation not available anywhere else. All of the utilities and programs from our website are included at no extra charge. But thats not all! We also included the database command pak for quickly writing ODBC applications with IBasic Pro, A command pak generator for creating new add-on command paks for fun and profit, and a few very popular 3rd party tools.

Order your copy today and enjoy the benefits of a complete development suite.

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