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Eyefinder - a suite of powerful presentation-layer components that are designed to aid navigation through different types of data.

AxpDataGrid - an WebControl for database query (SQL) results, DataTables or DataViews.

TextCaptureX - a COM library that allows screen text extraction in Windows applications. It is accessible from any COM aware programming languages.

Evans FTP is a total FTP programming solution - 2 activeX controls plus 2 COM DLLs - for your FTP programming needs.

SkinAdapter - a component for DynamicSkinForm and BusinessSkinForm which allows to make third-party controls skinnable without modifing source code.

SMTP POP3 DLL - The DLL was very simple to use and is far more flexible than Outlook. You can send emails with different sender email address without using profiles - excellent email program.

Skin Clock
SkinClock - advanced replacement for standard Windows clock having eye catching skinned interface and providing you with additional features.

Java Calendar Component
java calendar component - Java Date Picker component ready to use in Swing applications, a swing library for date selection.

BusinessSkinForm - (more than 120 components) help you to create applications with skins. Stable, multifunctional package for business applications.

HTML parser
HTML parser - This unit allows you to parse HTML code, extract HTML elements and NAME=Value pairs. Unit contains THtmlParser class and 3 functions.
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