PhotoController Introduction:

PhotoController is a cool and powerful assembly to process on an Image with specialized effects and it is designed for .NET; you could easily use it in window.NET application or ASP.NET application.

PhotoController can read all .NET supported Image types (Bmp, Emf, Exif, GIF, Jpeg, TIF, Wmf, Icon, etc.); it can perform compression on Jpeg, GIF, and TIF directly to a file or an Image object. All methods return System.Drawing.Image object that you can operate on it easily in your application.

The assembly offers a solid set of image processing methods, including

  • arbitary manipulation (eg. rotation, scaling, crop, flip, canvas);
  • color adjustment (eg. graryscale, color gamma, blackwhite, contrast, lightness, darkness, sepia, etc.);
  • filter transformation (diffuse, mosaic, smooth, gaussian blur, noise, water, emboss etc.)
  • feathering any shape area on the image
  • writing a border on the image (eg. sawtooth, ball3d, brick, etc.)

This document is written as a guide to and reference material for PhotoController assembly. It assumes that the readers have basic knowledge of .NET or ASP.NET. It also assumes you know how to setup and configure Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS) Version 5.0 or later when showing ASP.NET demo.

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