VolgaDB Engine

VolgaDB Engine Introduction:

Freeware Lite edition of VolgaDB Engine (Delphi, C++Builder) consists of TVolgaTable and TVolgaDatabase components.Main Features:

  • all standard properties, methods,events of TDataSet, it can works with any visual DB-aware controls
  • fast native access to data without BDE and compact file format, supporting strings, numbers, dates, memos, images, etc.;
  • record range and filter, master-detail relationship;
  • sort-on-the-fly in ascending and descending order, record search, context find, locate and lookup;
  • cached updates;
  • copying of the current record to a new one;
  • temporary in-memory tables that can later be saved in a file;
  • cloning of another TVolgaDataset, batch move operation;
  • loading and saving files in Volga format, automatic backup;
  • callback events for indication loading process;
  • borrow structure and save to file at design time;

Additional capabilities of Professional edition of VolgaDB Engine (Delphi, C++Builder, Kylix):

  • password protection with ciphering;
  • autoincremental fields support;
  • reverting records, show deleted records, OldValue property for fields, IsChanged property;
  • check key violation, check existing duplicate records with same field values
  • loading and saving files in Volga in stream
  • FindFirst, FindNext, FindPrior, FindLast, FindNearest, GotoNearest, filter as expression;
  • save external objects in RecordData property for any record;
  • save any arbitrary text within Volga table.
  • group operations: sum field values over all records, get list of values from records selected in event handler.
  • exporting data to text, DBF, XML, Excel files;
  • importing data from text files;
  • creating a new table aggregating ("group by") another table;
  • TVolgaQuery executes SQL queries in Volga database (Volga files located in one directory) or in opened Volga datasets in memory. SQL language is a subset of standard ANSI SQL;
  • edit, sort, range, master-detail, filter operations on query result as a table;
  • cached updates which can be saved in one (original) table;
  • restructuring tables in code;
  • version for Kylix 3.

Enterprise edition of VolgaDB Engine (Delphi, C++Builder) can connect to MS SQL, MySQL and MS Access (*.mdb) databases.
Main features:

  • all capabilities of Lite and Professional editions;
  • supported databases: MS SQL (using SQL client), MySQL, MS Access, dBASE, Paradox, ODBC (using DAO)
  • fast access to database over a local-area network or remote databases via modem connection
  • cached updates and all other capabilities of Volga datasets
  • non-changed client-side application when database format is changed.
  • no any additional technologies (BDE, MIDAS, CORBA, MTS, DCOM, etc.).
  • special VDDS.exe utility for managing data from MS SQL, MySQL and MS Access databases
  • can export data from full table to "insert" SQL script text or can create "update" SQL script containing only changed, inserted and deleted records in one transaction.
  • can use VolgaDB server application on remote computer and special key file with digital signature for limit number of users or period of work. This way of work does not need installed MSSQL client or Jet Engine (DAO) on each client computers. You can generate key file with VolgaKey utility in registered version.
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