Bug Tracking/Defect Tracking

Bug Tracking/Defect Tracking Introduction:

Tired of tracking bug (s) and defect (s) for your projects?

Our bug tracking software allows to track, manage and assign all of your bugs and features to organize your bug (s), defect (s) or issue (s) during software development. With our advanced user right control, users are given access only to projects they need to work on.

Start to use our bug tracker right now, Bug Tracker makes your project development more efficiently by tracking bugs, and this will result in faster response and support for your customers.

This tool lets you know how many bugs are in process, how many are resolved and how many are closed. It records bug report in database and allows simultaneous access by different users. Bug Tracker also offers bug classification, auto and manual task assignment, sorting, fully customizable filter, attachment, flexible right control, auto login and more. Bug Tracker 2.7 also support task functionality, through which you can add tasks and assign tasks to your team members.

Why Choose our Bug Tracking Software?

  1. It is easy to use and takes you only a couple of minutes to install and configure before starting to use.
  2. It stores bugs, defects and tasks in database, and allows multi-user to access it at the same time.
  3. It offers great performance even though you have thousands of records in the database. This is very important and save a lot of your precious time and money.
  4. It has flexible user right control which allows you to set different right for different user. You can also to use the right templates to finish the configuration by only several clicks.
  5. It offers you customizable filter which helps you find the bugs you want to check.
  6. It has email notification, this feature will send emails to proper person in your team to notify them of new records or changed records.
  7. Fast search allow you to find your records easy and fast.
  8. Automatic Task Assignment distributes bugs to the developers who is responsible for.
  9. You can copy or move a record to another project.
  10. A bug report consists of a short description, report, recreate step, workaround, system information and attachment. When a developer fix the bug, he can input the resolution.
  11. Automatic Login.
  12. You can download for free for trial, 100% risk free.

Bug Tracking/Defect Tracking Feature List:

  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Task function, enable you to create new tasks and assign them individually to users.
  • Bug tracking
  • Defect tracking.
  • Create new bugs along with report, recreate step and workaround.
  • Flexible user right control.
  • Flexible work flow
  • Quick search enables you to find your records fast and easily.
  • Automatic email notification.
  • Automatic or manual task assignment provides more flexibility.
  • Automatic login
  • Attach files to bug/features
  • Project management
  • Customizable columns
  • Support multiple projects in one database
  • Powerful filter tool with And, Or operators and wildcard text search
  • Print/Print preview in simple and customizable mode.
  • Support unlimited number of records and provide great performance
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