3D Box Maker Professional

3D Box Maker Professional Introduction:

3D Box Maker Professional is an award winning application to help you create virtual packaging for your website or brochures.

Templates for each side of the box are provided for you. The new version also includes a box face editor to allow you to create images for your box without any other graphics product.

All of the box shots in the Blink Development online store were created using 3D Box Maker Professional. Version 2.0 now lets you create thumbnails as well as high quality print versions of your box shots. The rendered images can be saved either as BMP or JPG for immediate use on your website or other marketing material.

3D Box Maker Professional Main Features:

  • Easy to use, mouse-driven interface
  • A powerful internal graphics editor to help you edit the box faces
  • Scalable antialiasing
  • Create images of any size (we created a test image 15000 pixels across - no problem)
  • Change the size and shape of your box
  • Predefined sizes and shapes (CD, DVD and Standard Box)
  • Over 5000 background textures to help you create your box faces
  • Editable reflections
  • Beautiful, Photoshop-quality drop shadows

What does this mean for you? 3D Box Maker will allow you to create box shot images for your eBooks and software applications without any other software. The pictures that it produces will add to your download rate for all of your products.

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