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DigitalWeb InstallWizard XP Introduction:


DigitalWeb InstallWizard quickly creates setups, via an intuitive visual interface. Adding files, registry entries, and other elements is as easy as dragging and dropping them to the appropriate view. Most installations can be built within few minutes without any training.


The DigitalWeb InstallWizard visual method for building application distribution makes it easy to get your applications where they need to go. With a few clicks, you pick your distribution format and media, including single self-extracting executable file (EXE), CD-ROM images and DVD-ROM images. Or, Install applications directly from the Internet with NetWork Install technology. Customers can stay up-to-date with the application via LIVEUPDATE, that automatically download and install software patches.

Windows Installer

Microsoft's Windows Installer service is the new native installation engine on Windows machines.
The Windows Installer service allows setup authors to provide installation benefits such as application auto-repair, install on demand, rollback after a failed installation, reduced file conflicts, and more. InstallWizard is an economical solution enabling users to leverage these Windows Installer benefits, without learning all the details of the technology.

DigitalWeb InstallWizard XP Customer Testimonial:

I'm using your software "InstallWizard" and enjoy a lot your great
simple-to-use software.
Idan Morori - USA

Thank you that work. You've been a great help. I will be sure to tell Boeing to shift from InstallShield to your product.
Garvin Forrester - USA

Your willingness to research and react to customers needs in a timely fashion, to provide technical support, and to provide a good price on your product has made you the clear choice.
Shaun - USA

The InstallWizard is by far the best and easiest installer to use that I have used (and I have tried quite a few!) On top of this you provide a technical support which is simply outstanding. I rarely wait for more than a few hours to get answers to my questions (don?t you guys ever sleep). I will be sure to tell my colleagues at Microsoft about your great product.
Peter - Denmark

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