Installer/GD Introduction:

Installer/GD is a better software installation suite for Windows applications.

It takes pain out of software distribution and ensures your software makes a pleasant first impression on your customers.

Installer/GD is a full-featured lightweight application installation, maintenance, and deinstallation software package for Windows.

Installer/GD offers a wide range of professional features found in other commercial installers, at a fraction of cost, with some unique features not available in any other installer. It is much faster and much more user-friendly than Windows Installer itself, or other similar products.

Installer/GD is aimed at ease of use for both developers and their customers. It employs a custom interface that looks cool and offers unmatched level of convenience.

If you are a Windows software developer in search of an installation tool, or would like to find another one that is slicker and more convenient than the tool you are currently using, try Installer/GD. Download it and see your product make the right impression from the first moments of use.

Installer/GD User testimonials:

"Your software rocks and the price is unbeatable" - Nathan Zabaldo

"I am amazed at the simplicity of the installer. I was not expecting any installer to be so easy to use. It is one of the best tools I have used."
- Prakash K.

"Excellent product, I only just discovered it, but it will make life so much easier." - Jim Hazell

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