ActiveX Manager

ActiveX Manager Introduction:

How many times have you tried to register/unregister an ActiveX control (OCX) and wished there was a better way to do it than REGSVR32?

ActiveX Manager enables users and developers to manage ActiveX Controls installed on their PC the easy way. It is great for users who surf the Web and want to keep their system clean (ActiveX Manager helps you clean controls installed by Internet Explorer). ActiveX Manager provides a simple yet slick user interface that enables you to view registered controls, remove misbehaved controls, register new controls and more. ActiveX Manager provides fast access from Windows Explorer via a pop-up menu.

Why ActiveX Manager is a "must have" tool?
  1. Easy to use & quick
    Anyone working with ActiveX Controls (OCX/DLL files) knows that getting them registered and unregistered can be a hassle. Both developers and system administrators often need to quickly register one version of an OCX and seconds later a different version of the same control. Working with REGSVR32 for these kind of operations is OK but tends to be time consuming and is not very informative (to say the least). ActiveX Manager is integrated into Windows Explorer allowing you to very quickly register/unregister controls.
  2. Track problems
    Many of the bugs applications produce end up being DLL/OCX version mismatch. A bad install program (that does not check the OCX version) can hurt a lot well behaved applications. ActiveX Manager allows you to view the attributes of any registered ActiveX Control. Information like file version, file size or date can help you track down what went wrong.
  3. Cleanup the Registry
    Registering an ActiveX Control and then deleting the file leaves the Windows system in a mess. Visual Basic for example will display the control in its "Component List". The user might think this is a legitimate control. Applications that use this control will crash finding the entry in the registry but not the file. ActiveX Manager clearly marks out these misbehaved controls. Even better it allows you to cleanup the "dead" entries that were left in the registry.
  4. Reports
    The reports feature allows system administrators and developers to create a database of all the controls installed on a specific workstation. This is a very useful feature if you need to make sure that multiple machines all have the same set of OCX files.


Developers and system administrators that work with ActiveX Controls on a daily basis need something better than REGSVR32 to register/unregister controls. They also need a better way to track and fix problems than browsing the registry with REGEDIT. ActiveX Manager supplies both these needs. It is a unique tool anyone dealing with ActiveX should have in his arsenal.

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