CloneFinder Introduction:

CloneFinder (now in version 2.02) is a low cost refactoring tool that quickly finds duplicated code within C, C++, Java and C# programs.

CloneFinder is a proven tool that goes beyond simple searching and pattern matching to help you find blocks of code that have the same intent but that reside in more than one place. Some authors have suggested that the only way to write reliable software is to ensure that code occurs once and only once within a program. CloneFinder can help you do just that.

Why you need CloneFinder?

CloneFinder was originally written when it was discovered that a large legacy program being worked on had problems with duplicated code: the well-intentioned programmers had copied several large blocks of code throughout the program to implement new, but slightly different feature requests. Later, when bugs were fixed in some of these clones, but not others, it resulted in a program that was ˇ°brittleˇ± and difficult to fix. Each time the cause of a bug was identified and fixed, code in another part of the program kicked in to prove the fix incomplete. It has been found that almost all programs of any size have substantial code duplication. Removing these clones will speed up your application, reduce its size, decrease the number of bugs reported and allow you to go on to better things.

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