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VB.Net to C# Converter Introduction:

The Most Accurate VB.Net to C# Converter On The Market - Period!

Tired of VB? Do you want to make the switch to C# and get better support, tighter code, and maybe even make more money? You can convert your existing VB.Net code to C# automatically, with the leading VB.Net to C# converter on the market.

We are passionate about our VB.Net to C# converter - it's all we do. It is being continuously improved, with new versions released about every week.

Why choose VB.Net to C# Converter?

  • You are in complete control of the conversion process. There are literally dozens of conversion options you control, from how ref arguments and with statements are handled, to how much you want to eliminate dependencies on the Microsoft.VisualBasic namespace.
  • Each release is rigorously tested on hundreds of thousands of lines of VB.Net code. Virtually every line of sample code Microsoft releases is tested, along with many real world projects and sample code from third party vendors.
  • Comprehensive reporting is available every step of the conversion process. Before conversion, your code is scanned and you are warned about anything in your code which could be a problem. During conversion, you are not left to guess what we did to your code. Anything of interest done during the conversion is reported. After conversion, any C# compiler errors is also reported. Flexible and comprehensive reporting is very valuable when converting large projects. Many customers have said this is one of our best features.
  • First class Visual Basic 2005 support. Other converters VB2005 support is spotty and error prone. Generics, Operator Overloading, and the My namespace are completely supported.
  • Unparalled support. Here's what one customer had to say after converting a 50,000 line of code project: "we truly needed the converter to behave slightly different. After a few conversations via email, a new version of the code was released and it specifically made our issue a non-issue. Try getting that out of any development firm! I have no problem recommending this product."
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