PC DoorGuard

PC DoorGuard Introduction:
PC DoorGuard 4 (PDG) is a full-featured extensive and thorough intrusion scanner that scans email messages and any media on your PC for backdoors and trojan horses and easily removes any trojan with a click of a button.

PDG checks every incoming email and monitors your system to prevent further infection, using weekly updated trojan database consisting of more than 85000 entries (including Nimda, Sircam, LoveLetter, SubSeven etc).

By running trojan/process killing, editing the registry, monitoring ports,- all this provides a secure environment for your PC.

PC DoorGuard Main Features:
  • Easy to use interface
  • Extensive trojan database (over 85000 entries, including LoveLetter type, SubSeven, Sircam etc)
  • Weekly Online Updates via built-in update utility
  • Comprehensive MailScan, removing trojan horses, viruses and Spam from incoming e-mail messages
  • Safe detection and deletion of stealth-viruses (which cannot be detected the common way), phantom viruses (self-modifying) and many others.
  • Constant supervision of your system's health by two advanced monitors which detect trojans on the fly
  • Heuristic analysis allows for new, unknown viruses and trojans to be detected.
  • All major compressed files are inspected
  • Powerful built-in cure utility, which is of great help if you have already executed a trojan and do not know how to remove it.
  • Advanced file manager allows deleting files, even if they are in use by other processes.
  • A number of utilities which help you maintain your PC (socket utility, system info utility, regedit).

    PC DoorGuard Support Operating System:

    • Windows 95
    • Windows 98
    • Windows ME
    • Windows XP
    • Windows 2000 Professional
    • Windows 2000 Server
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