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PestBlock Introduction:
PestBlock powerful protection against spyware, adware and other threats that expose your confidential information and diminish the performance of your PC. Our spyware removal software give you anti-spyware protection that detects and removes spyware in real time. PestBlock puts the controls at your fingertips and provides scalable system-wide protection. PestBlock includes faster detection and removal, and an enhanced graphical interface with skins support. Also PestBlock have a integrated automatic updates module that protect you from the latest threats as they are discovered.

PestBlock Benefits:
Exclusive! "Fast-Scan" Technology
"Fast-Scan" Technology allow PestBlock to scan your computer up to 4x faster than any similar software.

Multiple Scanning Options
Multiple Scanning Options allow users to perform thorough or custom scans depending on their need. The default setting performs a full system scan.

Unlimited Automatic Updates
Unlimited Automatic Updates prompts users to download and install the most up-to-date protection against spying and tracking programs.

Detailed Reports after Removal
Detailed Reports after Removal allow users to see detailed information about removed objects with locations.

Alert Window when Pest are identified in memory
Alert Window when Pest are identified in memory show to you the detailed information about infected process.

Free product upgrades and email technical support
You never pay again for future versions!

PestBlock Defeats Computer Threats:
Adware and Spyware transmits personally identifiable information from your computer to some place in the internet without your knowledge. Keylogger the most basic keyloggers just log the keys you press. The spy, a person with physical access to your machine, could get that log at a later point and see everything you typed.
Browser Helper Object is a small program that extends Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Usage of BHO include visible add-on toolbars in IE, but can also be hidden functions. Dialers often promise access to free porn, free games or free cracks for commercial software. Once installed, a dialer offers to use your dial-up device to call in to the service, usually calling a quite expensive toll number.
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