1st Clock

1st Clock Introduction:
1st Clock is a taskbar clock replacement that offers a fully customizable clock display, alarms, atomic time synchronization, popup calendar, time zones and more.

1st Clock Main Features:

Customize clock display.
   1st Clock allows you to view the date, time, system resources, and other information in the taskbar in any format you choose. You can use any colors and fonts.

Add simple and recurrent alarms.
   1st Clock allows you to add any number of alarms with custom messages, sounds, colors and icons. You can play MP3, WAV, MIDI, Audio CD sounds and launch applications with the alarm. You can create your own melody to play using your built-in PC speaker. Alarms can be snoozed and birthday ages can be calculated automatically. You can easily disable and enable all alarm sounds. You can use WinAmp to play MP3 files. You can transfer alarms between computers using the alarm backup/restore feature in 1st Clock. You have several convenient ways to add alarms using the popup menu, calendar, keyboard shortcuts and more.

Keep your time synchronized with Atomic Time servers.
   1st Clock allows you to synchronize time with Internet Atomic Time servers on demand and automatically at specified periods of time. When checking automatically, 1st Clock can check for an established Internet connection, warn you if your clock is too fast or too slow and can even synchronize correctly if your daylight saving time (DST) settings are not correct. You can select any number of servers to synchronize from the built-in list of more than 150 time servers around  the world.

Check the time all other the world!
   1st Clock allows you to view time in any number of time zones in your tooltip. Daylight savings time will automatically be accounted for.

View the calendar with a single mouse click.
   You can open the popup calendar by single-clicking on the clock. The calendar allows you to easily add alarms to specified dates by clicking on the date.

Product Other Features:
Add quick reminders for later
Check the date/time, alarms and time zones in the Advanced Tooltip
Monitor your computer's performance.
Copy any date/time information to the clipboard
Display Swatch Internet Time, and more!
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