Dialog Devil

Dialog Devil Introduction:
Dialog Devil automates the answering of dialog boxes. Dialog Devil starts automatically and runs in the background looking for dialog boxes.

It contains a list of dialogs you told it to answer automatically. Dialog Devil consults its list and answers any dialogs on the list. After a dialog is put on the list, you may edit or delete the entry.

In addition to clicking buttons in simple dialog boxes, Dialog Devil has advanced functionality either not found in comparable programs or available as separate stand-alone programs.

Many of the buttons and other controls you see on the screen are full-fledged windows and it is this fact which allows Dialog Devil to operate. When the target tool is dragged over a window, any window, it highlights that window.

When the target tool mouse button is released over a top level window, Dialog Devil tries to account for the type of window it is over intelligently. Given the variety of implementations, this is an exceedingly complex task and some errors will be made. The features here discussed on this page are experimental and useful in many cases. If they work in your situation, please feel free to experiment. We would be interested in your ideas for improvement should something you expect to work, not behave intelligently.

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