Zipsearch Introduction:
ZIPSEARCH is a search file utility to search zip archives for individual files INSIDE the zip archive or self extracting *. EXE files. The program searches multiple drives and multiple directories. It can locate search strings, display search results, view files and perform file operations. Zip files can be searched. Zipsearch's search parameters are disk/ directory, extensions, dates, file size and text. Search 19 Archive types or 33 archive Extensions. Replace text within Zip Archives and files SEARCH WORD DOCUMENTS AND EXCEL WORKBOOKS. FILES SEARCHED INDIVIDUALLY WITHIN ZIP FILES. Search multi byte unicode files eg Chinese, Japanese.

Zipsearch Key Features:
  • locate search searchstrings
  • display search results
  • view files
  • Search up to 90 different mutiple search strings
  • Display Information on files WITHIN zip files & archives
  • perform file operations including extracting files.
  • replace text within zip archives and uncompressed files
  • search multibyte unicode files - eg Chinese, Japanese

    Zipsearch Other Features:
  • perform fast searches
  • search zip files and compressed archives
  • find numbers or strings in EXCEL files
  • find files before certain dates, after specific dates, within specified date ranges, outsides date ranges or within days either side of a date
  • show file extraction paths
  • search all storage devices attached to your system, including floppy drives, hard drives, CD\DVD Rom drives, and network drives.
  • file results can be sorted by file name, file folder, size, file type, dates, number of occurrences a searchstring appears in a file and file attributes in ascending and descending order
  • display file properties by right clicking file results find directories
  • search multiple directories and drives,
  • display file extensions registered on your computer,
  • save and load search parameters,
  • use modified dates and times,
  • match file sizes,
  • use case sensitive search strings,
  • view the number of occurrences of a searchstring in a file,
  • view searchstrings in multiple files,
  • view files
  • search results can be printed or saved to a file for analysis
  • perform file operations on search results,-eg copy, move, recycle, delete and open
  • use multi string extensions or filenames in a continuous list
  • up to 90 multiple search strings
  • replace text within zip archives and normal uncompressed files
  • Search self extracting zip archives (*.EXE) and Java Class files(*.JAR)    
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