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AlphaZIP - File Management Tool

Alpha ZIP found a way for you to work like experts with NO extra costs and NO extra time spent on learning how to use these advanced features.

It is the latest in ZIP file technology, bringing ease of use, integration with Windows and comprehensive new features together into one powerful and intuitive application. Alpha ZIP offers you the easiest way of working with compressed formats -whether you want to open ZIP files or extract compressed folders, this compression tool has exactly what you're looking for.

You do more in less time!Working with archives has never been easier! All archive operations are only one right-click away.
You don't need any additional software just to open/create a certain type of archive! Alpha ZIP offers support for most popular archive formats.

With this compression tool, there is no need to pay extra for advanced features like Self Extracting Archives or Compress and Email!

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Alpha ZIP Main Features:

  • Easy compression of files. Create new ZIP files or other
  • archive types with the click of a mouse.
  • Easy extraction of ZIP files and other archive types. It doesn't have to be an Alpha ZIP file.
  • Familiar user interface: ZIP files and other archives behave exactly like folders, but with some extra tools.
  • Windows integration: You will find the Alpha ZIP functionality in menus throughout Windows.
  • Easy support for self extracting files. Turn your ZIP files into programs.
  • Handy email integration: Compress and email at once.
  • Integration with virus scanners: Scan your ZIP files and other archive types for viruses.
  • Easy conversion between different file formats.
  • Open files and programs directly from inside the ZIP folder. Run the setup within a downloaded ZIP file with extreme ease.
  • Integrity check lets you see if a file is healthy.
  • Support for 7-zip, a new format that provides much better compression rates than the classic file formats.
  • Works on all modern Windows operating systems, including Windows 98, Windows Millennium edition (ME), Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
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