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Filehunter - File Management Tool

FILEHUNTER  can be used to locate files matching search parameters very quickly.

It is a search file utility for WIN 98, ME AND XP. The program finds misplaced files on multiple drives and multiple directories.

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Product Main Features

  • search and locate search strings
  • display search results
  • view files
  • search zip files and
  • perform file operations
  • load search results
  • search within search results
  • add extra directories to previously saved search results
  • perform fast searches  
  • search zip files
  • find files before certain dates, after specific dates, within specified date ranges, outsides date ranges or within days either side of a date 
  • search all storage devices attached to your system, including floppy drives, hard drives, CD\DVD Rom drives, and network drives.   
  • file results can be sorted by file name, file folder, size , file type, dates, number of occurrences a search string
  • appears in a file and file attributes in ascending and descending order 
  • display file properties by right clicking file results     
    find directories  
  • search multiple directories and drives,    
  • display file extensions registered on your computer,  
  • use user defined extensions,  
  • save and load search parameters,     
  • use modified, created and last accessed dates,
  • match file sizes and attributes, 
  • use case sensitive search strings,
  • view the number of occurrences of a search string in a file,
    view search strings in multiple files,  
    view files
  • search results can be printed or saved to a file for analysis
  • perform file operations on search results,- eg copy, move, recycle, delete and open
  • use multi string extensions or filenames in a continuous list
  • boolean AND + Or can be used with text in search strings
  • exclude file extensions
  • search Windows special Folders
  • explore zip archives
  • copy or move search result folders with existing paths to new locations
  • use regular expressions
  • rename filenames
  • Up to 90 Multiple search strings searched at once.
  • search inside Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft Word documents.
  • Display files Not Containing Search Strings
  • Print search results by columns
  • Copy and Print Excel workbook and worksheet search results to files
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