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Twins File Merger - File Management Tool

With Twins File Merger you can join/merge mp3, mpeg, text files and word documents into one big file. Whether you would like to make a big text-file or a non-stop CD, Twins File Merger does the job quickly, accurately and without
losing any quality!

Twins File Merger combines both simplicity, and powerfulness into one package, and gets you merging in no-time! By following three basic steps, anyone can merge a set of files in a few minutes, which would normally take hours.

Start by adding some files or a whole directory to your merge list. Edit your merge list by using one of the comprehensive features (Remove Duplicates, Sort/Position). Merge the files in your list together by clicking on the 'Merge' Button.

If you require more advanced features; Twins File Merger is also the perfect program for you!

Text/Word - Options
You can strip first/last lines from text files, or place templates/empty lines between text files. This makes it perfect for CSV files too.

Mp3/Mpeg - Options
If mp3/mpeg files are your choice, you can easily import a whole play list, or set ID3 tags on your merged files.
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