DiskSpace Explorer Network Edition

DiskSpace Explorer Network Edition Introduction:
DiskSpace Explorer is tightly integrated with the Windows shell: you can display the Explorer context menu or the item properties the same way you perform these tasks in Windows Explorer.

Because of this tight integration, network administrators can easily access valuable information, such as security information, the files/folders owner, last access date, etc.

DiskSpace Explorer can help you take snapshots of your drives by copying the graphical pie chart display of your folders to the clipboard or to graphic files. DiskSpace Explorer can print or export reports containing detailed information about folders and drives.

It can also export detailed lists of folders in space, comma or tab delimited format. The reports can contain only the top ten folders, only the folders larger than a given size. The reports can be generated in both interactive and command-line mode (from batch files, System Agent, etc.)

DiskSpace Explorer is a professional tool, powerful, intuitive and easy to use, that runs under all Windows platforms (Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP etc.) and allows the network professional to manage the server hard disk space and make intelligent allocation decisions for its capacity...

yet it is simple enough for the average computer user at home on non-networked computers to allocate and manage hard drive space the way professionals do.

The network administrator can view the server hard disks, recognize user directories which are large, and examine for wasted space and useless files... all done by a simple graphical, view and click, interface.

The Explorer-style interface features a drive and folder tree view in the left-hand panel and five overlapped pages on the right to give you detailed information about the selected path.


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