IP Scanner

IP Scanner Introduction:
IP Scanner is just what you need! IP Scanner is a tool that is designed for the day-to-day monitoring of computers within Microsoft networking environments.

It allows you to gather information from computers in the network without installing server-side applications on these computers.

With its powerful engine, this utility can scan hundreds of computers or your entire network, IP by IP, using different scan types and can help you make "snapshots" of the systems in .TXT or .XML format for future comparison and notation of changes. So that finally you can get better control of your network.

As networks get bigger and the number of computers increase, security and administration of networks are becoming more important. A tiny security hole may expose valuable information to an attacker or you may find yourself frustrated trying to figure out what is happening within your network. As an IT personnel you may have been asked "to handle everything" with little resources. Do you have the right tools to accomplish these tasks?

1.Detecting unauthorized devices. 2.Software licensing compliance.
3.System configuration changes. 4.Managing user accounts and    group permissions.

The IP Scanner can scans:

Comm Ports Drives Global groups Local groups
Netbios NT devices NT services Ping
Processes Remote time of day Shares  TCP Port

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