Advanced Printer Monitor

Advanced Printer Monitor Introduction:
You have many printers in a network, do you want to know in what they are condition and who prints on them? Try Advanced Printer Monitor: a powerful and easy-to-use the network print queue manager program. This professionally developed and well design product will trace all events of a seal which occur in your corporate network and will quickly operate printers jobs.

In real-time Advanced Printer Monitor displays the following information about printing jobs:
  • Queue jobs of your network printer
  • Name of the user who created the job
  • User's computer name where the job was created
  • When the job was created
  • How many pages were printed
  • How big in bytes were the document
  • What application was used to print

    Print Queue Administration:
  • Remotely view all network domain(s) printers
  • Remotely view all printer print jobs (properties jobs)
  • View remote printer status
  • Pause, restart, purge printers
  • Pause, delete, resume, and restart print jobs
  • View printer properties
  • View number of documents in printer queue
  • View remote printer status
  • View number of documents in printer queue

    Also Advanced Printer Monitor is an utility which helps you to switch your active printer fast. Printer Monitor icon appears in your system tray and lets you choose your default printer (the printer you are about to use) with just one mouse click.
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