Keyboard Sounder

Keyboard Sounder Introduction:
Let me ask you, does your keyboard sound?
So strange? Why did I ask such a question?

Because long time striking on your keyboard is so tiresome and boring, it is not only a dull job, but also a physical and spiritual affliction, so it reduces your work efficiency and makes you unhappy.
It is a problem nobody can avoid, no matter you are a typist, or a software developer, or other. You may have lost the sense of this problem, why don't you try to find a way to solve it?

Experience Keyboard Sounder
right now!

You will enjoy the totally new feeling from your fingers. When you press the keys, you will hear a fancy sound which is made by the software. The key layout is very exquisite, more than extremely cool 80 sounds effect associated with 18 kinds of keys.

More wonderfully: Keyboard Sounder can play an animation synchronously to respond to your every action when you press keys.

Notice: It is so a neat little program, although it has more than 80 kinds of sound effect, the size of the software is only 1.8 M bytes, which takes you only 3 minutes to download it with a 56K modem. Additionally, it can run on all kinds of windows platform.

Keyboard Sounder Key Features:

Ultimate in user friendly
   no set up, no configuration, easy user interface

Unique key animation
   It makes your work diverting

Multi scheme
   Built-in 6 schemes, Typewriter, Typewriter2, Fight, Gun, Abe, Mix and each of    them has more than 18 key events

Designed for humanization
   it supports toggle scheme by hotkey and to provide powerful Hotkey Editor

Customize freely
   Sound scheme can edit freely, support to Auto-play and preview wave file
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