ShutDownOne Introduction:
ShutDownOne can easily Shutdown, Reboot, Log Off, Power Off, Lock Workstation ( also for Win 95/98/ME ), switch to Hibernate Mode, switch to Standby Mode. All of the above shut down actions can be executed as forced actions.

ShutDownOne Key Features:

No Activity Tab:
   Enable Activity Timer A timer will start when the keyboard or mouse are not being used. After a defined time of non-activity on your PC, an action you designate is executed.

Batch Tab:
   Run command before ShutDown option A command line you're coded will be executed before the selected ShutDown action. If Wait while command is running is checked, ShutDownOne will wait until this command completes, but you can limit the wait time using a wait-no-more-than option.

Hot Key Tab:
   Use Hot Key option If this option is checked, a selected ShutDown action is executed when the Hot Key is pressed.

Password Tab:
   Here, you create or change a password which must be provided before certain operation settings can be changed.

Show Actions Tab:
   Here, you define which actions show in the menu when you right-click on the icon of ShutDownOne.

Privacy Tab:
   This option allows to you to clean up your computer before each shut down operation. This option running after a Batch operation (if chosen). Not available for a Lock Workstation operation.
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