WinTasks 5.0 Professional

WinTasks 5.0 Professional Introduction:
WinTasks 5.0 Professional provides you with a wealth of information and a powerful set of tools that will help you enhance the protection against system security threats while dramatically increasing computer performance. The award-winning WinTasks 5.0 Professional is the most reliable and intuitive software that enables you to fully take charge of your computer.

WinTasks 5.0 Professional gives you detailed information about each and every process that is running. It provides you with the tools to terminate and eliminate any program that may disrupt, damage, slowdown or crash your system.

WinTasks 5.0 Professional Key Features:

Be Fully in Charge
   WinTasks 5.0 Professional allows you to take charge of your PC by providing you    with comprehensive and detailed information. You can easily take action to    mprove overall performance and boost security.

Complete Protection for Your PC
   Using WinTasks 5.0 Professional with your anti-virus, spyware and firewall    software will completely defend your system against spyware, malware, viruses    and any other types of threats.

Dramatically Improve Performance
   WinTasks 5.0 Professional allows you to stop or block all unnecessary processes,    clean your computer of unwanted residues from uninstalled programs, prevent    annoying pop-ups and tweak your system to achieve the best performance    evels.

Exceptionally Simple to Use
   Whether you are a computer expert or a novice, you will quickly learn how to use    WinTasks 5.0 Professional and take charge completely. You do not have to be technical to make your computer faster and safer.

Stay Up to Date
   Featured in USA Today and the Washington Times, the regularly updated process    library of WinTasks is critical to all PC users.
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