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Asmw PC-Optimizer - System Information Tool

Asmw PC-Optimizer is an all-purpose system optimizer to ensure that your system is in top shape.

It cleans Registry, Encrypt Decrypt files, vides Disk catalog, uninstalls grams, Remove junk files and zero size files, lets you change your boot settings and remove unneeded DLL files, erase your navigation track, clean your cache history, and cookies, also find and fix or remove broken windows shortcuts, Boost your Internet connection. Manage grams start at window start up. Asmw PC-Optimizer is a system optimizer that cleans registry, encrypt decrypt files and vides disk catalog.

Get drive full information, by getting report of total folders and files in current path and you can get the percentage usage of specific folder, Report generator to detect archive files, system files, picture files etc.

User-definable reports available as an option. Export all reports to Internet explorer htm files, schedule regular clean up, website address organizer, address book organizer, view and remove fonts, Scan Drive (s) For zero size (empty) folders, Monitor Folders for new changes.

Your computer will be stabile and run applications more smoothly. It is fast, easy, safe, and powerful.
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Asmw PC-Optimizer Key Features:

System information
Remove junk files and zero size files to save valuable disk space
Registry Cleaner, to prevent application crashes
Backup and restore backup
Popup killer
Startup Manager, to prevent spy applications from running behind your  back
Erase your navigation tracks to ensure your privacy, available more  than 30 ready plug-ins for erasing the history of those applications and  get free plug-in maker
Find and fix or remove broken windows shortcuts
Uninstaller manager, to uninstall applications correctly
Tweak and customize almost over 110 undocumented settings in  Windows 9x-Xp
Disk Analysis, for analyzing your hard disk
Secure shredder, to delete files permanently
Use Internet connection Booster, to Speed up your Internet  connection by up to 300%
Scan Drive(S) For zero size (empty) folders
Automatic memory recovery tool
Track and report on changes made to your Folders when installing  grams
Powerful disk catalog
Website address organizer
Address book organizer
View and remove fonts
Securely encrypt decrypt files
One-step PC Maintenance Wizard
Schedule system maintenance to take place unattended
Executable files and folder lock
Menu guard
IP Spam Messages Blocker

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