Personal One Font Set

Personal One Font Set Introduction:

Give your documents the energy they need to express the message intended.

Energize them with the Microgetics "Personal One" Font Set and your words will come alive.

The "Personal One" Font Set contains 142 publisher selected TrueType™ fonts used for more personal and expressive publishing.

Use the set for Personalized Letters, Invitations & Awards, Internal Communiques, Faxes, Announcements, Book Titles, Brochures, Catalog Covers, Company Publications, Direct Mail Pieces, Headline & Display Applications, Magazine Adds, Multimedia, Presentation Materials, Sales Literature.

Personal One Font Set Main Features:

  • Excellence in Design
    All fonts are hand tuned for excellence.
  • Publisher Selected
    The top fonts used to personalize and/or express specific feelings.
  • Assorted Flavors
    Warm, cool, friendly or serious, it's in there.
  • Affordable Price
    Everyone should have these fonts.
  • Microgetics
    The personal decision.
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