GrabXP Introduction:

Grab any selected area from the computer screen and save it as an image file. Grabbed images can be stretched/sized horizontally, vertically and diagonally, rotated, mirrored, flipped and then printed and saved to disk in popular graphic formats such as JPG and BMP.

Position and size the transparent grab tool over the required area.
You can adjust the position as often as you wish.
You can now view, size, stretch, rotate, flip, mirror, print and
save your image in common graphic formats; bmp, jpg etc

See how easy it is to use GrabXP:

Open the main program window showing the function icons across the top menu bar and large 'picture' window covering most of the window area. Some of the buttons such as exit, save and print shouldn't require any explanation.

In Top menu bar, the most commonly used function is to Grab a specific area of the display.
The 'Area Select' tool appears as a small transparent window which you can position anywhere on your display and drag/size to encompass the desired area then click the word 'Grab' to select.

When you use the Area Select tool the captured image appears on the main GrabXP picture window as shown above. You can use the mouse to drag the picture around the window or stretch horizontally or vertically. If you try to stretch diagonally the image always sizes proportionally. This doesn't affect the actual image, it's just to allow you to enlarge the picture for viewing. If you wish to create a new picture from the stretched or sized image then simply call up the 'Area Select' tool to capture all or part of the modified image before saving the new 'sized' image.

Occasionally you might wish to capture the entire display as an image.
To do this you click the menu item.
Of course this results in an image as large as your whole computer display but you can use the drag and size functions to view the whole area and/or save it to disk and print.

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