JPhotoBrush Pro

JPhotoBrush Pro Introduction:

JPhotoBrush Pro is an Award Winning Multi-Platform Image Editing/ Enhancement/ Retouch Application providing various filters, effects and transformation with user friendly interface. Offering a wide range of adjustment for most effects, you will find many features found only on expensive commercial editors. It has been successfully tested in many operating systems. It is friendly enough for the casual user who wants to enhance family photographs, yet powerful enough for some professional graphics.
The new version comes with a GIF Animation Tool, enhanced Image Browser and an Image Batch Processing tool.
It isn't certainly just another run-of-the mill image editor!!!

JPhotoBrush Pro Key Features:
New features includes a Gif Animation Tool - JPhotoAnim, Enhanced Image Browser, Exif support and many more.

JPhotoBrush Pro complete features:

  • Loading and saving of JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIF, TGA, Macintosh PICT, Windows ICO, PhotoShop PSD, XPM , WBMP etc. Implements java 1.4 imageIO api which allows future file format support through imageIO plugins.
  • Basic controls: Brightness/contrast , gamma, R/G/B correction and grayscaling, color inversion etc.
  • Filters: different types of Blur/Smooth, Sharpen, edge detections, emboss, maximum.minimum, thresholding.
  • Effects: Innumerable cool effects like Diffuse, Mosaic, Venetian Blinds, Buttonize, Solarize, Scramble, Wave, Camera effects, Wave effects, Plaster effects, Oil Painting, Crystal, Water Ripples etc . Plus many other effect filters can be added as plugins. Most have configuration options. Users can download plugins uploaded at regular intervals and simply attach them to their existing application.
  • Region Selection: Regions in an image can be selected and dragged/ copied/ cut/ deleted/cropped and pasted as a new selection or new image. It provides ability to manipulate individual areas of an image selected as region of interest. All image manipulation operations /printing can be performed on the selected region rather than on the whole image.
  • Fancy Text: Different types of anti-aliased text including 3D text, shadow text, circular text , outlined text with different user selectable options like textured background/color etc. The Texts supports dragging and can be copied and pasted as layer selection in the same or new image. Different type of Texts can be added as plugins.
  • System Clipboard Support: allows images copied from and to native application or as screenshots to be pasted as a new image or image region on an existing image.
  • JPhotoAnim, which is a part of JPhotoBrush Pro (since ver 1.3), provides a powerful, easy way to create animated GIF from several images. It also includes a banner wizard through which you can generate scrolling banners.
  • Batch Processing of several images in a directory-renaming / resizing (also generating thumbnails) / format conversion with the new tool called JPhotoBatch .
  • Unlimited Undo limited only by your hard disk space.
  • Multiple Image operations: Blending, overlaying, arithmetic/logical operations of mutliple images.
  • Image Transformation like Resizing, rotation,shear,flipping etc.
  • Rendering effects include- Spotlight effect to add lighting effect of a spotlight. More to come as plugins.
  • Cloning brush to copy part of an image to another location.
  • Brushes with different strokes and choosable textures
  • Image Browsing: includes an image browser to browse image as thumbnail. Provides menu to rename,open,delete images through the image browser
  • Exif Support, allows extraction of information (shutter speed, aperture, etc.) from photos taken with digital cameras and storing them in xml, html and text files.
  • Drawing Tools: Spray tool. Free hand and line/rectangle/oval drawing with customised width,color,line style,fill and cap style . Eraser with chooseable size and also with ability to 'erase to original image'.
  • Transparency: creating transparent images (for ex. gif images)
  • Adding stamps (or tubes) of transparent images available as plugins
  • Image warping/deformation controllable by the mouse
  • Borders & Frames: Creating different types of image borders, frames, Mask Frames etc
  • Noise control: Noise reduction and generation
  • Histogram: Histogram display and Histogram equalization
  • Printing: Multiple page image printing facility with Print Preview
  • View: Zoom in/Zoom out/ Fit to window options ,
  • Drag and Drop facility: Dragging images from Windows Explorer opens it up, dragging a directory or a zip/jar file into the application opens the image browser displaying the thumbnails of the images present in it.
  • Other tools include:
    Image to ASCII file conversion
    Custom filter options
    create new images with choosable color/texture or gradients.
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