Paint Express

Paint Express Introduction:


A powerful and easy-to-use application designed to create, capture, search, extract, load, save, edit and print images. It has a fully integrated workspace that allows to work efficiently and quickly create professional icons, cursors and bitmaps.

Paint Express supports:

  • icons of all formats including formats with 32-bit color depth (Windows XP icons with alpha channel)
  • cursors of all formats including formats with 32-bit color depth (Windows XP cursors with alpha channel)
  • bitmaps with 1, 4, 8, 24, and 32 -bit color depth (bitmaps with smooth transparency alpha channel)
  • .PNG, .JPG., and .JPEG files (Paint Express 1.30 supports only loading of these files. You can create multi-image icons/cursors from them, or you can use them for many other tasks.) New in version 1.30!

Paint Express major features:

  • Creating icons, cursors, and bitmaps from existing images in one click. With one mouse click you can create a new high quality icon, cursor, or bitmap from an existing image file (.ICO, .CUR, .BMP, .PNG, .JPG, or .JPEG file), from an image that is currently being edited, or from a clipboard image. This feature allows to convert images from one type to another: bitmaps to icons; icons to bitmaps; icons to cursors; .PNG files to icons, etc. It can also be used to increase or decrease the color depth of an image: create an 8-bit bitmap from a 32-bit bitmap, a 32-bit icon from a 4-bit icon, etc. New in version 1.30!
  • Creating multi-format icons and cursors in one click. With one mouse click you can create a new high quality multi-format icon/cursor from an existing image file (.ICO, .CUR, .BMP, .PNG, .JPG, or .JPEG file), from the currently edited image, or from a clipboard image. With one mouse click you can also create a new multi-image icon/cursor from scratch. New in version 1.30!
  • Editing images. To modify and enhance the images, Paint Express offers a variety of drawing tools (semi-transparent brush, color replacement tool, shapes with different filling including gradient, rotation, flip, etc), several image filters (smooth, blur, sharpen, drop shadow); several image adjustment effects (brightness, contrast, opacity, grayscale).
  • Capturing images from the screen. An extremely easy interface allows to capture whatever image you see on your screen. You can edit the captured image, save it and/or use for numerous tasks.
  • Searching for icons, cursors and bitmaps on your computer. Paint Express allows to run several simultaneous searches. You can filter and/or sort the search results based on image type, width, height, color depth, etc.
  • Extracting icons, cursors and bitmaps from the resources in .EXE, .DLL and .OCX files.
  • Rescaling images based on several resizing types, including Biliniar and Bicubic Resample. New in version 1.30!
  • Powerful copy/paste functionality.
  • Drag-and-drop support.
  • Built-in possibility to associate ICO, CUR and BMP file extensions with Paint Express.
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