PhotoMark Introduction:

Want to protect your pictures distributed on the internet from plagiarized by unauthorized ones? It's a good idea to label them with your name. But think of those big applications like Photoshop which can provide such function, they are disk space and memory killer, and slow, and the most important, expensive, so why not try PhotoMark instead! PhotoMark is a professional watermark maker which can let you create and apply watermarks using your brand name, it features the ability to manipulate watermarks rapidly, accurately, and expeditely. With PhotoMark in your hand, it is very easy to apply your watermark to a batch of pictures, or even apply several watermarks to just one picture! Features of PhotoMark include:

PhotoMark main features:

  • Employ different watermarks to one picture
    For example you can add a company logo in the middle of the picture and website URL at the right bottom corner of that picture.
  • Batch update pictures
    You may choose to apply watermark to just one picture or a set of pictures under one directory (contain or not contain sub-directories) and save them to another directory
  • Create and manage watermarks
    It is very easy in PhotoMark to create, edit, or delete a watermark
  • Custom transparency
    Transparency of a watermark can be set from 1% to 100%, like showed in the picture.Also you may select which part of a watermark can be transparent, see the picture. Of course the two effects can exist simultaneously
  • Support image watermark and text watermark
    Image watermark are watermars created from picture files, such as .jpg, .bmp, and .gif files. Text watermark, on the other hand, are watermarks from text you input in a text edit. PhotoMark supports both of the two kinds of watermarks.
  • Support JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG picture formats
  • Support reverse EXIF information in JPEG files
  • Support Tile watermark
    PhotoMark supports two kinds of behaviors of a watermark in pictures which are named as Fixed and Tile. In the Fixed mode, you can use nine buttons to tell PhotoMark where you want the watermark to be, is that at the left top corner, or right bottom corner, an offset can be used here to adjust the position. In the Tile mode, the watermark will repeat itself and eventually cover the original picture.
  • Convert pictures to JPEG or BMP formats after adding watermark
    The conversion can be performed automatically by PhotoMark when applying a watermark. For example, you can select to convert BMP files to GIF to reduce the picture size, so as to facilitate web publishing.
  • Detailed log message
    After applying a watermark, a message window will pop up to tell you how many picture files are affected and if the operations are successful. Moreover, every action will be logged in a detailed log file and from which you can find why a operation encounters error.
  • Import/Export watermarks
  • Create watermark using file names
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