EZ Photo Renamer

EZ Photo Renamer Introduction:

EZ Photo Renamer is a digital file rename software to quickly rename many digital photo files and picture files.

File names of digital photo files generated by digital cameras, such as "DSCF0010", "DSCF0011" are annoying. These file names make no sense. We need a file name that can remind us what the photo or picture is. EZ Photo Renamer can help you rename these annoying digital photo file names quickly. EZ Photo Renamer is a must-have handy file rename software for digital camera users.

What can EZ Photo Renamer help you?

Let's say we have 50 photo files of Michael Jordan, we took them by digital camera in an exciting NBA match. The digital camera can only name the digital photo files as "DSCF001", "DSCF002" and so on. It's a nightmare when we have many files with such kind of names. From the name, we can not remember what the photo or picture is. We need a file rename software that can batch- rename all these digital photo files. EZ Photo Renamer is the right file rename software to help you and it's easy to use.

Step 1. Select the files (digital photo files or other picture files) you are going to rename. These files can be stored in different folders on your computer. You can preview them when selecting. Add the files, and the software will show you the files you have selected. Of course you can multi-select files by pressing Ctrl and Shift on your keyboard.

Step 2. Change the options about file names. Firstly fill in the prefix of names. In this case we fill in "Jordan". Secondly, check the option "Insert the date file creation" to decide if we need the the file names with the creation date. If you take photos in a trip, or photos in a same series are taken on different date, this option is useful. Thirdly, decide to check the option "Insert hyphen" or not. Then set the start counter number, increment and how many digits will appear in the counter number. When you change an option, an example will show what the names will be. At last, you can choose to rename original files or copy them to another folder and rename the copies in the new folder.

Now press "Rename now!" button to start renaming. It takes only seconds and a renaming operation log will be shown. You can save the operation log for future reference.

You can only rename less than 5 files each time when using the unregistered version.

EZ Photo Renamer Key features:

  • Extract date info from EXIF with image files
    Date info from EXIF within image files are created by digital cameras directly which is much accurate and original.
  • Batch-rename names of digital photo and picture files
    Rename many photo files with one click. You can select rename different photo files in different folders.
  • Preview photo files and renamed file names
    Preview photo files before adding to rename file list. An example will show how the file names will be, when changing some options.
  • Automatically insert file creation date into file names
    Insert the file creation date into each renamed file names, eg Jordan20001031-003.
  • Custom counter
    The starting counter number, increment of counter and the number of counter digits can be set.
  • Copy photo files and rename them in a different folder
    You can rename original files in their original folder. Also you can choose to copy files to a different folder and rename files in the new folder.
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