Client Side SSI

Client Side SSI Introduction:

SSI (Server Side Includes) is a special form of HTML comments (known as SSI commands or directives), which direct the web server to replace these commands to something other.

For example <!--#include virtual="file_name"--> directive is replaced by the contents of the file file_name. Also SSI supports variables, insertion of the current date/time, and more. But SSI works only in the case of the special support on the server side. However with this program, Client Side SSI, you can convert SHTML files (HTML files with SSI) to plain HTML files and use them without a server!

With Client Side SSI you can:

  • design a web-site with SSI on your PC or notebook;
  • convert a SSI-web-site to non-SSI-web-site to place it on a server which does not support SSI or for viewing it without a server at all;
  • make your site faster, eliminating SSI directives from it;
  • design a web site with power of SSI (even if you do not use SSI!): Write a repeating fragment of your web site (such as a navigation bar) only once, and do not search and change it in several places every time when you change the site.
    Automatically insert in your site the date of last modification.
    Automatically insert in your site sizes of files.
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