HandyHTML Studio

HandyHTML Studio Introduction:

HandyHTML Studio 3 is a powerful web development package that supports any development language and comes with the pre-installed support for HTML / CSS / JavaScript / ASP / PHP / PERL / JAVA / XML and C++. The package offers an extensive set of features to make the web developer's life easier, allowing creation and effective management of all kinds of web projects from simple pages to titanic web sites.

HandyHTML Studio is intended both for professional web developers and newbie webmasters who have already realized the disadvantages of visual web development. HandyHTML Studio 3 brings hand coding to the new level of ease and confidence, allowing customizable syntax highlighting for all major web development languages available today as well as project-based website management, built-in FTP client, customizable templates, and even keyboard-bound code fragments.

HandyHTML Studio can be used as an external companion editor for WYSIWYG HTML editors like Macromedia DreamWeaver MX and as the development environment allowing to run an external compilers and tools and pass control to other applications.

HandyHTML Studio inherits a full set of features from the award winning HandyHTML editor.

In addition it provides new ultimate features for high-end code-based web development:

  • HTML / CSS / JavaScript / ASP / PHP / PERL / JAVA / XML / C++
    The integrated web development environment with embedded support for major web languages.
  • Syntax highlighting
    Fully customizable for any language through the use of simple script files.
  • Project support
    Ultimately flexible project support with FTP console upload feature allows to develop and maintatin complex web sites easily.
  • Real-time browser preview
    Allows viewing results of your HTML coding immediately straight in the HandyHTML Studio's preview pane without loading any external browser.
  • Workspace
    Storage of files, tags and projects that helps taking full control over resources when creating your web sites.
  • File explorer
    Embeds a Windows Explorer-like file browser in the HandyHTML Studio.
  • External tool support
    Allows to pass control from the HandyHTML Studio to third party products (C++ compillers, miscellaneous web tools, etc.)
  • Intelligent line numbers and navigation
    Boormarks, line numbers, the Go to Line command allow navigating easily through the source code of your web page source.
  • Diverse text processing
    Join lines, duplicate line, invert case, transliterate, full tag selection and many more operations help accomplish various text editing needs with your documents.
  • Templates
    Provide for organizing your frequently used start-offs for creating new documents.
  • Output pane
    Serves as a UI console window for user tools with the option "Redirect Output" selected.
  • Customizable tag syntax
    Any HTML code fragment inserted through the use of HTML editing commands can be customized to your coding preferences.
  • Shortcuts to code fragments
    Allows to bind keys (form Ctrl + 0 to Ctrl + 9) to any desired code fragments for faster access.
  • Remote FTP file editing URL File Dialog
    Allows to open, edit and save files right on FTP server.
  • Colour themes
    Help you professionally design your sites using harmonized color combinations.
  • Customizable toolbars and keyboard strokes 
    Allows to adjust your workspace and the application user interface so that you work with utmost comfort and ease.
  • You can continue
    this directory of the HandyHTML Studio features yourself. All the time you will use it, you will discover new features.
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