Sferyx JSyndrome HTMLEditor Applet

Sferyx JSyndrome HTMLEditor Applet Introduction:

Sferyx JSyndrome HTMLEditor Applet Edition is a full featured WYSIWYG HTML Editor Java Applet designed to satisfy the requirements of developers and webmasters that need to incorporate advanced HTML authoring into websites and Content Management Systems. It turns any browser into a powerful on-line publishing solution with no compromises. The editor includes all the necessary features to create even very complicated HTML documents visually, such as designing tables, inserting images, page backgrounds, editing text and paragraphs, and also Spellchecker, Search/Replace, Source Editor, Preview.

Automatic uploading features permit transparent for the end user publishing of any kind of content - from images, rich text content to all hyperlink targets - pdf files, word documents and all local files linked to the currently edited document. The remote and local file browsing features allow to the user with zero effort to insert any content from everywhere into the edited document.

The Professional and Enterprise versions add even more power giving to the web designers the possibility to use the editor as development platform for editing directly HTML source code, apply style sheets, create read-only sections within the document and much more.

Runs on Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, Sun Java Desktop System and its powerful configuration features and javascript API allow perfect integration with any kind of server side scripts for saving and retrieving of documents, inserting images, hyperlinks etc. It has been tested with Internet Explorer 4.x and higher, Opera, Netscape Navigator , Safari, Konqueror, Mozilla. It can run embedded into a web page or be opened as external window allowing full resize and move of the editor window.

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