Life Software Webeditor

Life Software Webeditor Introduction:

Develop astonishing WebPages easily and effectively and with a low cost!

Many features that cut design time such as auto complete for both HTML and Javascript, many Wizards, Tag tree, HTML syntax coloring, FTP Client, Dropdown Menu maker, Code Snippets. Also get Life Software Imagemapper for FREE !

You can create amazing websites using the CSS Wizard with preview, Colored and styled Table Wizard, Thumbnail Gallery generator. Best quality at the lowest price! Also it comes with 9 private clipboards. You can see both the preview of the webpage and edit its code at the same time. You can also add a colored scrollbars easily using a wizard.
All this and much more only for 35 $ ! This is lowest price in the market!

Life Software Webeditor MAIN FEATURES:

  • FTP Client
  • Dropdown Menu Maker
  • Autocomplete for HTML and Javascript
  • Custom HTML Syntax coloring
  • Edit html with code view , preview view and both view where you can edit html and see the preview at the same time.Plus get an external browser preview.
  • Have a handy treestyle representation of your html code and by clicking on a tree node get transfered to the correspondent html tag.
  • Insert tags with many helpers and previews that make your web developing life easy.
  • Insert colored tables with many different styles with just a few clicks.
  • Copy and paste from 9 different private clipboards.
  • Insert and preview a colored scrollbar to your webpage.
  • Insert CSS styles with many handy previews of the result.
  • Import and edit a webpage directly from the Internet
  • Create thumbnails and thumbnail galleries of your pictures
  • Insert and edit custom tags.
  • Buy Life Software Webeditor and get Life Software Imagemapper for free so that you can also create imagemaps for your images.
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