Hixus Scrollbar Designer

Hixus Scrollbar Designer Introduction:

Formerly 0-Code WYSIWYG Scrollbars Style Creator

Create amazing, eye-catching scrollbars for your web pages. Adjust the colors and the design of scrollbars. Add two highly customisable fading and colour blinking effects. Includes an integrated preview window. The entire design process is done visually (WYSIWYG), which means you do not need to write any code!

Different design modes:

  • Standard Scrollbar Mode: Design new coloured scrollbars quickly.
  • Flat Scrollbar Mode: Create modern-style flat scrollbars with a custom colour.
  • Advanced Scrollbar Mode: Control a wide range of scrollbar design settings and add scrollbar effects.

Add scrollbar effects:

  • Fading Scrollbar: Your scrollbar can pulsate between two different colours!
  • Color Blinker: Changes the colour of the scrollbar at a time interval defined by you. Can switch between up to 16 different colours!
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