Yaldex StatusTitle Maker

Yaldex StatusTitle Maker Introduction:
Yaldex StatusTitle Maker generates JavaScript code to show a message in the status or title bar.

For example, you can describe the destination of a link in the status or title bar instead of showing the URL associated with it. Also there are many adjusted effects including: Uppercase Across, Flashing, Typewriter letter by letter and so on.

Finally, there are 19 controlled effects for status bar and 19 controlled effects for title bar: Flashing Bar, Bubble Writing, Scroller Bar, TypeWriter Scroller, Slowly Coming Together, Decrypter, Ticker , World Clock, WriteSlider, Word by Word, Scroller Left to Right, Copyright Across, Spread out, Cower, Gunning Words, Random Letters, Local Time, Local Time + UTC, Static Text.

Yaldex StatusTitle Maker Main Features:

  • Built-in html editor with full html and JavaScript highlighting.
  • Ability to stop the effects after a number of loops or loop endlessly.
  • Ability to preview each effect and the total effect.
  • Ability to save the effects for future manipulation.
  • Load/Save option for each of the effects.
  • Preview for each of the effects as they are designed.
  • Choice of speed for the effects.
  • Choice of number of repetitions for each of the effects.
  • Preview for the total effect Choice of loops of the total effect.
  • Ability to loop the effects endlessly.
  • Easy-to-use generation of the required JavaScript code.
  • Save As JS: Saves JavaScript code as file.js . You can insert references to this file into multiple pages.
  • Save As Html: Saves whole code as HTML file. After this you can open saved page in your favorite html editor (for example FrontPage or Dreamweaver) and create or edit page.
  • Insert JS: Inserts JavaScript code into your ready html (htm) page automatically .
  • Copy JS Code : Copies JavaScript code to clipboard .
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